UT/ORNL Governor's Chair Professor Steven Zinkle Visited Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology


Steven J. Zinkle, fellow of National Academy of Engineering (USA), Governor's Chair Professor in University of Tennessee, visited the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology on MAY 17, 2016. Zinkle gave a lecture on the challenges and status of structural materials for nuclear energy at the Phoenix Science and Technology Lecture Hall.

Prof. Zinkle discussed about the current research status and challenges of structural materials for the advanced nuclear energy systems. Firstly, the operating environment for materials in the nuclear energy reactors was introduced. Then the degradation mechanisms of the materials under such serving condition were addressed, including the grain degradation, corrosion and neutron irradiation effects. The materials challenges for the nuclear energy systems were pointed out. In the future fission and fusion energy systems, five irradiation effects on the structural materials were proposed. To meet the requirements for the reliability and safety of the nuclear energy systems, the high-performance structural materials are needed, including the strong mechanical properties under high temperature, the good compatibility with the environment, and high radiation resistance, etc.

Prior to his current position, Pro. Zinkle served as the director of the ORNL Materials Science and Technology Division and before that in a variety of research scientist and program management roles since he joined ORNL in 1985. For the outstanding contributions on nuclear material research, he received U. S. Department of Energy’s 2006 annual Laurence Memorial Award. This visit, Pro. Zinkle conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with INEST members on fusion neutron science, low activation structure materials aspects. The communication between the two sides enhanced mutual understanding and laid a good foundation of cooperation in the future.

Dr. Zinkle gives the Phoenix S&T Lecture