WFEO President Jorge Spitalnik Visited INEST, CAS


On May 26, WFEO President Jorge Spitalnik visited Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), accompanied by Prof. Ruomei Li, WFEO Executive Council member and former Vice Chair of WFEO Committee on Energy.

                                                                                                        Group Photo
Prof. Yican Wu, the Director-General of INEST, welcomed the visit of President Jorge Spitalnik and Prof. Ruomei Li. He pointed out that INEST is a professional research institution focusing on nuclear energy safety, and also on the development of innovative nuclear energy systems. President Spitalnik was impressed by the young research team, and congratulated it on performing comprehensive research activities in nuclear energy and nuclear technology application. The discussions focused on the cooperation in WFEO, INEA (International Nuclear Energy Academy), and INSC (International Nuclear Societies Council). They all agreed to strengthen cooperation and exchanges. Prof. Wu stressed that INEST supports the activities in WFEO, INEA and INSC, and is eager to make more contributions.

INEST Director General Prof. Yican Wu talking

                                                                                     with WFEO President Jorge Spitalnik
President Jorge Spitalnik and Prof. Roumei Li also visited high intensity neutron generator and radiation technology test platform, heavy liquid metal loop and material technology test platform, and nuclear and radiation safety simulation platform.

     High Intensity D-T Fusion Neutron Generator (HINEG)