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International Cooperation

   Institute has established strategic cooperative relations with major nuclear research institutes at home and abroad, such as the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), European Nuclear Energy Agency (Italy), National Institute for Fusion Science(Japan), Institute of Physics and Power Engineering(Russia), etc.

   Many a member of the Institute held important posts in International Energy Agency, International Atomic Energy Agency and other international nuclear field organizations, signed the IEA fusion energy environment, security and economic agreements and the IEA fusion reactor nuclear technology agreement on behalf of China.

   Institute has been carried out various forms of cooperation and exchange with more than 100 domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises, the scope of cooperation covers nuclear reactor physics, reactor core thermal hydraulics, heavy metal process, reactor safety analysis, etc. The cooperation in the field of advanced reactors designs, development of key components in Lead-bismuth reactor has made remarkable achievements.

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