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Progress in INEST on thermophysical properties of working fluid in space nuclear power generation... 2021/05/21
Recent progress in INEST on corrosion of lead-based reactor materials 2021/03/11
Chinese Scientist Yican WU Wins the European Prize for Innovation in Fusion 2018/09/18
INEST·FDS Team makes breakthroughs in 3D printing of Fusion Reactor Key Components 2018/03/28
China Industry Innovation Alliance of Lead-based Reactor (CIIALER) Led by INEST 2018/03/14
Notice for 2017 Open Fund Project Key Laboratory of Neutronics and Radiation Safety, Chinese Acad... 2017/09/21
WFEO President Jorge Spitalnik Visited INEST, CAS 2017/06/04
18th International Conference of Emerging Nuclear Energy System held in Hefei, Anhui 2017/05/10
The 13th China-Japan Symposium on Materials for Advanced Energy Systems and Fission an... 2016/10/09
5th NURER International held in the INEST, CAS 2016/09/25
UT/ORNL Governor's Chair Professor Steven Zinkle Visited Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Techn... 2016/09/26
High Intensity D-T Fusion Neutron Generator (HINEG) Successfully Producing >1.0E12n/s Neutrons 2016/01/11
Prof. Qunying Huang Becomes the Associate Editor of JNM 2015/12/29
Prof. T. Kunugi Delivered the Lecture on MHD Model Investigation for Advanced Blanket Design 2015/12/29
Oxygen Monitoring and Control Technology was Developed for Lead-based Reactor at INEST · FDS Team 2015/12/28
Lead-based Alloy Loop Operating at 1000oC Becomes True at INEST·FDS Team 2015/12/28
KYLIN-II Loop Running Steadily for Over 6000 Hours 2015/12/28
Focusing on Sustainable Development of Nuclear Energy, Public Perception and the Third Party Pers... 2015/11/17
The 4th Workshop on Self-reliance of Chinese Nuclear Energy Software was Successfully Held at FDS... 2015/11/12
First Provincial Technical Support Center for Nuclear Emergency in China Has been Established 2015/11/10
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