Research Fields
Neutron Physics and Critical Safety
Nuclear Emergency and Nuclear Culture
Nuclear Energy Chemistry Safety
Nuclear Technology and Application
Reliability and Probabilistic Safety
Nuclear Software and Simulation
Radiation Protection and Environmental Impact
Nuclear System Operation and Control Technology
Nuclear Thermal-hydraulics and Accident
Nuclear Material and Component Safety Technology
Neutron Transport and Advanced Nuclear Energy System Simulation Laboratory
High Intensity Neutron Source and Radiation Technology Laboratory
Liquid Metal Loop and Material Technology Laboratory



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Research Fields

Neutron transport theory, neutronics software and nuclear data library, physics design and analysis of advanced nuclear reactors, radiation shielding, neutron measurement of nuclear reactor, reactivity control technology, etc. 

  • Technology of Neutron Sources and Applications

    The study of advanced neutron sources research & development and neutron applications mainly focuses on the ion sources, accelerators, nuclear electronics, nuclear detections, neutron tube and movable minitype equipment for neutron radiography, etc.

  • Strategy research on nuclear energy and nuclear safety

    Advanced nuclear energy system development strategy and policy, nuclear energy new concept reactor design, nuclear fuel cycle system design, nuclear energy economics, tritium cycle analysis, nuclear safety development strategy, safety concept and nuclear safety culture, risk perception and public acceptance, fusion safety, etc.

  • Design and Engineering of Advanced Fission Reactors

    The engineering design and intergation technology of advanced fission reactors include neutronics design, hydraulics design, mechanical design, safety analysis, advanced nuclear fuels, power technology, key equipment fabrication, system integration and testing, etc.

  • Fusion nuclear technology and materials 

    Fusion blanket and experimental loop technology, fusion structural and functional materials, design and development of advanced shielding materials, etc.

  • Extended Nuclear Technology Applications

    Accurate radiotherapy technology based on photon,ion(proton,heavy ion,etc.) as well as neutron, low-dose radiation safety monitoring technology, radiation breeding technology, irradiation industry application technology research and system development, one-step technical and consulting service for radiation protection, etc.

  • Isotope technology and radiochemistry

    Tritium chemistry and technology, novel radioactive waste handling technology and facility, tritium application research, spent fuel reprocessing, isotope production, isotope battery, etc. 

  • Nuclear Emergency and Radiation Protection

    Reactor accident analysis, nuclear accident phenomenology, severe accident management, accident source term, radionuclide diffusion simulation, environment impact and nuclear ecology, nuclear emergency command, nuclear emergency direct and adjust, nuclear emergency virtual reality, nuclear emergency decision support, radiation biological effects research, etc.

  • Risk and Safety Assessment

    Risk-informed safety regulatory technology, risk assessment theory, probabilistic safety assessment, reliability technology, condition monitoring and early warning technology, fault diagnosis technology, safety classification and equipment management research, etc.

  • Nuclear informatization and simulation technology

    Nuclear informatics techniques and methods, nuclear big data analysis, numerical reactor, virtual power plant, scientific visualization and virtual simulation, scientific research and management collaboration, etc.


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