Research Fields
Neutron Physics and Critical Safety
Nuclear Emergency and Nuclear Culture
Nuclear Energy Chemistry Safety
Nuclear Technology and Application
Reliability and Probabilistic Safety
Nuclear Software and Simulation
Radiation Protection and Environmental Impact
Nuclear System Operation and Control Technology
Nuclear Thermal-hydraulics and Accident
Nuclear Material and Component Safety Technology
Neutron Physics and Nuclear Safety Simulation Laboratory
High Intensity Neutron Source and Radiation Technology Laboratory
Heavy Liquid Metal Loops and Material Test Integrated Laboratory
Notice for 2017 Open Fund Project Key Laboratory of Neutronics and ... 2017-09-21
WFEO President Jorge Spitalnik Visited INEST, CAS 2017-06-04
18th International Conference of Emerging Nuclear Energy System hel... 2017-05-10
The 13th China-Japan Symposium on Materials for Advanced... 2016-10-09
5th NURER International held in the INEST, CAS 2016-09-25
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