Department of Nuclear material and structural safety


Nuclear Materials and Structural Safety Division


Nuclear Materials and Structural Safety Division conduct research on advanced nuclear materials facing the special service requirements of advanced nuclear energy systems such as small/miniature reactor, liquid metal reactor, fusion reactor and other advanced nuclear energy systems. The research focuses on new corrosion-resistant and radiation-resistant structural materials, functional materials such as high efficiency neutron shielding, neutron multiplier, heat conduction and thermoelectric materials and so on, advanced nuclear fuel with high burn-up and high thermal conductivity, high efficiency radioactive waste treatment and tritium separation materials and other research directions. At present, innovative material design, service performance testing and characterization, special processing technology, nuclear structure safety and reliability evaluation and other related content are being carried out.


The division has liquid metal loops and material comprehensive experimental platform. It can provide support for the research and development of advanced nuclear materials, service performance and reliability evaluation for liquid metal reactors. It has relatively complete research and development conditions for materials such as preparation, special processing, general-purpose and service performance testing. In particular, the large-scale liquid metal (lead/lead-bismuth, lithium/lithium-lead) technology comprehensive experimental loops, fusion reactor dual-cooled lithium-lead blanket comprehensive experimental loop are at an internationally advanced level. They can provide necessary conditions for the research and development of nuclear materials for advanced nuclear energy systems. The area of the division is about 15,000 m2, and the fixed assets of the experimental device are about 200 million yuan.


In the past five years, the division has hosted and undertaken more than 20 projects, including national key R&D plans, national and Anhui Provincial Natural Science Funds, Chinese Academy of Sciences projects, etc., won the first prize of Anhui Science and Technology award, published more than 50 SCI/EI papers, authorized more than 30 international and national invention patents, and led or participated in the drafting of 5 national and industrial standards. The master's graduates and PhDs have been working in universities, research institutions, and high-tech companies around the world.