Department of Nuclear emergency and public safety


Overview for Department of Nuclear Emergency and Public Safety

1. Positioning Statement

The Department of nuclear Emergency and Public Safety is one of four Research laboratories in Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology. It is oriented to the operation and maintenance management and nuclear technology application requirements of commercial nuclear power plants and nuclear power systems. The research direction of the department is reactor instrumentation control and remote control technology, reactor digital twin simulation technology, nuclear energy system safety evaluation and emergency management, miniaturized neutron source, neutron detection application and other technologies.

2. Research platform and conditions

There are three laboratories in the department:  

1) Miniaturized neutron source ultra-clean room laboratory, which has a complete set of miniaturized neutron source research and development platforms and process equipment. It is one of the few laboratories in the domestic related fields with complete software and hardware conditions and qualifications.

2) Lead-based reactor simulator laboratory has built a lead-based reactor design digital virtual simulation system, which can carry out technical research such as control system technology, trainer operation training, and three-dimensional multi-group core physics real-time simulation.

3) Nuclear accident and emergency simulation laboratory is the support platform for the Anhui Nuclear Emergency Response Technical Support Center. A variety of system software such as guidance system and nuclear power plant online risk monitoring and reliability analysis system has been independently developed.

3. Research Achievements

In the past five years, the laboratory has hosted and undertaken more than 20 national key R&D programs, national and Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation, and Chinese Academy of Sciences competitive projects. Relevant research results have won 1 first prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award. More than 50 SCI/EI papers have been published, and more than 30 international and national invention patents have been authorized.

4. People

1) Faculty and Staff

The research laboratory has 19 employees, including a full professor, 9 associate professors, and 9 professional and technical personnel. 

2) Student

There are 25 students, and Graduated master's and doctoral students throughout the domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, state agencies and high-tech companies.