Department of Radiation protection and environmental safety


Division of Radiation Protection and Environmental Safety has been concentrating on the development of micro nuclear reactors and fusion neutron source, aiming to conduct key R&D for the national strategic need. Its research areas mainly include reactor physics, reactor thermal hydraulics, radiation protection, and neutron detection technology.

The division has the D-T fusion neutron source, which can be used to perform neutron radiography, activation analysis, radiation biological effect study and so on. The platform of CLEAR-S is served as an integrated non-nuclear test facility for China lead-based research reactor, and has the capability of running pool type stead state and transient experiments.

In the past 5 years, the division has undertaken more than 30 projects from the national and provincial programs, such as the National Key R&D Program, CAEA Nuclear Energy Development Program, and National Natural Science Foundation. It earned the First Prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award, and published more than 100 journal papers. Moreover, more than 30 international and national patents have been granted.



Fusion Neutron Source Platform

CLEAR-S Platform