CAS President’s International Fellowship for Distinguished Scientists Comes to INEST


Scientists Comes to INEST Recently, INEST received one CAS Presidents International Fellowship for Distinguished Scientists (PIFDS) approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences under the CAS Presidents International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI). The awarded scientist is Prof. Mohamed Abdou from UCLA. The PIFDS is the top of PIFI and supports foreign leading scientists to undertake academic exchange and cooperation with CAS.

Prof. Mohamed Abdou is the distinguished professor of engineering and applied Science, the director of both Fusion Science and Technology Center and Center for Energy Science and Technology Advanced Research of UCLA, the fellow of The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World and the fellow of American Nuclear Society. And he has been carrying out a series of deep exchange and cooperation with INEST for a long time in the field of fusion technology involves neutronics, tritium behavior & fuel cycle, thermofluids, thermomechanics and so on.

This PIFDS will promote greatly international cooperation and development of fusion nuclear technology research field of INEST. And INEST will continue to attract more international top talents under various international cooperation and talent programs.