Distinguished Prof. Mohamed Abdou delivered an excellent lecture in the INEST


Prof. Mohamed Abdou, the distinguished professor of engineering and applied Science, director of both Fusion Science and Technology Center and Center for Energy Science and Technology Advanced Research of UCLA, gave an excellent lecture in the INEST on the theme of An integrated program strategy of modelling and experiments in laboratory facilities and in a D-T Fusion Nuclear Science Facility to develop Fusion Nuclear Technology and Materials for DEMO.

Prof. Abdou's research involves theory, modeling, experiments, design and analysis from 1970s. He also took charge of a series of projects from US DOE, IEA and other international organizations. And he has been promoting many international fusion energy research corporations.

In this lecture, Prof. Abdou introduced the key issues of fusion nuclear science and technology development, involving the aspects of blanket, fuel cycle, safety, availability and so on. A series of advanced blanket concept and the advantages of liquid blanket were introduced. The research strategy and philosophy on liquid metal cooled blanket were delivered detailed as well with much expectation to its development.