Multi-functional LBE integrated experimental loop KYLIN-II successfully operated in INEST


On February 21st, the project assessment meeting of "Design and Development of multi-functional lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) integrated experimental loop KYLIN-II for lead-bismuth cooled reactor technologies" was held at the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Experts from Nuclear Power Institute of China, China Institute of Atomic Energy, China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute were invited to participate in.

After reviewing the detailed presentations on the design, key technology development, construction, commissioning as well, all the expertspanel concluded that: The KYIN-II loop is one of the world's largest multi-functional lead-bismuth comprehensive experimental platform ever built. The platform scale, design parameters and comprehensive experimental capabilities of the loop have achieved the international advanced level compared to others in the world, its successful construction and commissioning will greatly lay the foundation of the further research on lead-based cooled reactor technology and heavy liquid metal technology which will play an important role for developing the advanced nuclear energy system in China.

Liquid lead-based alloy is one of the most promising candidate coolant materials for advanced nuclear energy systems due to its thermal-physical and neutron properties. According to the latest roadmap published by Generation IV International Forum (GIF), the lead-based alloy cooled reactor was expected to be the first one to realize the demonstration and get commercial application among the Generation IV advanced nuclear energy systems. The lead-based alloy experimental loop is the essential platform for the researches on corrosion of structural materials exposed to liquid lead-based alloy, thermal-hydraulic behavior of liquid metal, components and systems safety, and other key issues of lead-based alloy cooled reactors.