Prof. Qunying Huang Becomes the Associate Editor of JNM


Prof. Qunying Huang, who is from Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences, was recently invited as an associate editor of the Journal of Nuclear Materials (JNM), which is a highly recognized journal in the area of nuclear materials. This is the first time for a Chinese expert on nuclear materials to join the editor committee of such well-known international journals. It means that the research development of nuclear materials in China has won the acknowledgement and high recognition by international colleagues.

Prof. Huang has been devoted to the research of fusion materials for decades. Her group is one of the leading research group on R&D of RAFM steels in China. After 15-yearshard work, her group has successfully developed the CLAM steel with independent intellectual copy rights. The CLAM steel has been selected as the primary structural material candidate for the ITER-TBM in China. Prof. Huang is also a member of the technical committee of ICFRM and ISFNT. She has published more than 100 papers, several of them elected as ESI high cited papersor China's most influential domestic academic papers. She is also the primary author of about 20 patents, and has participated in many important international conferences as an invited speaker in the area of nuclear materials, such as ICFRM and ISFNT etc.